Indulge in comprehensive facials, rejuvenating lifting treatments, dietary advice and reshaping services that empower you to radiate confidence that starts with you.

Dark Circles

Trust our experts to rejuvenate your under-eye area and restore a refreshed, youthful appearance. Our comprehensive approach includes a range of non-surgical options like topical creams, dermal fillers, growth factor therapy, laser treatments, micro-needling, and chemical peels.


Regain your skin's natural radiance with our specialized melasma treatments at Zennara. Our experts accurately diagnose and effectively treat melasma, reducing dark patches and restoring your skin's clarity and confidence.

Spider-Vein Removal

Our skilled dermatologists specialize in the safe and effective removal of purple, red, or blue thread-like veins beneath the skin. Using advanced techniques, we target and eliminate spider veins, restoring a smoother and more even complexion.


Discover relief from rosacea at Zennara. Our expert dermatologists provide effective treatment options to manage and improve the symptoms of this chronic skin condition. Our tailored approaches aim to reduce facial redness and flushing associated with rosacea.


Our expert dermatologists specialize in both invasive and non-invasive methods to effectively address keloids.


Unlock relief from psoriasis with our comprehensive treatments. We tailor personalized solutions, incorporating topical therapies, phototherapy, and systemic medications, to effectively manage your psoriasis and restore healthy skin.

Zen Body Polish

A personalized full-body treatment that exfoliates, smoothes, and brightens your skin, revealing a fresh, velvety, and radiant appearance in just 24 hours. Ideal for brides, special occasions, pre-vacation glow, and anyone seeking a rejuvenating and brightening experience.

Skin Lightening

Reveal a radiant glow with our Skin Lightening & Pigmentation treatments, including medication, advanced skincare, and specialized procedures like q-switched laser, chemical peels, medifacials, and IV drips.


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