1) The Treatment:

At Zennara, we offer effective spider vein removal treatments for purple, red, or blue thread-like veins under the skin. Our expert dermatologists in Hyderabad provide safe and efficient treatments to address this common concern.

2) How It Works?

We provide two popular approaches for spider vein removal:

  • Sclerotherapy: Injection of a solution into each affected vein causes it to collapse and fade away over time. Mild discomfort and cramping may occur during the 15 to 30-minute procedure. Compression hosiery and activity restrictions may be advised post-treatment.
  • Laser Treatment: Intense light beam targets spider veins, destroying them over time. Commonly used for facial veins, it may require multiple sessions. Mild redness, tingling, and swelling may occur temporarily.

3) Treatment Areas:

We can effectively treat spider veins on the calves, ankles, thighs, and face using sclerotherapy and laser treatments.

4) More Information:

Discuss current medications with your doctor before treatment. Sclerotherapy is not recommended during pregnancy, but it can be performed for those on birth control. Eligibility for patients with a history of blood clots depends on the underlying condition and treatment location. Avoid hot baths, sunlight, and certain medications post-treatment.

Follow post-treatment instructions for optimal results. Visit Zennara for information on spider vein removal costs in Hyderabad.



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