1) The Treatment:
Pigmentation refers to the discoloration of the skin caused by an imbalance in melanin production. At Zennara, we offer pigmentation removal treatments in Hyderabad. Our experts diagnose the underlying cause of skin discoloration and provide tailored treatment options for achieving a clear and radiant skin tone.

2) How It Works?

For hypopigmentation (lighter skin) caused by infections or inflammatory skin disorders, treatments focus on addressing the underlying condition. Hyperpigmentation (darker skin) caused by sun exposure can be managed by sun protection and skin lightening agents. Advanced procedures like chemical peeling, dermaroller, growth factor with microneedling, laser therapy, and IPL photo facial are used to treat various pigmentation disorders.

3) Treatment Areas:

Pigmentation treatments can be performed on various areas of the body affected by discoloration, including the face, neck, hands, and other exposed skin regions.

4) More Information:

Factors contributing to pigmentation disorders include sun exposure, physical injury, allergies, hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, and extreme mental stress. The cost of pigmentation treatment in Hyderabad varies based on individual needs and chosen treatments. Ideal candidates for pigmentation treatment are generally in good health, free from active skin infections, and seeking improvement in their skin’s appearance. Following a recommended skincare routine, including regular use of broad-spectrum sunscreen, is crucial for maintaining results.

Visit Zennara, a leading pigmentation treatment clinic in Hyderabad, for comprehensive treatment of various pigmentation concerns.



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