1) The Treatment:

Chemical peel, also known as derma peeling or chemexfoliation, is a non-surgical, skin-resurfacing procedure that involves applying an acid-based formula to the skin. The purpose of this treatment is to make the skin supple, smooth, and soft. It rejuvenates and brightens the skin, revealing a more radiant and youthful appearance. The chemical solution exfoliates the superficial layer of dead skin cells, stimulates collagen production, and increases cell turnover to reveal fresh, healthy skin.

2) How It Works?:

Chemical peels work by applying a chemical solution to the skin, which varies in strength depending on the desired outcome. The solution causes controlled damage to the skin, prompting the body’s natural healing response. As the damaged skin peels off, new skin cells regenerate, leading to improved texture, reduced imperfections, and a more even skin tone. The depth of the peel determines the extent of skin exfoliation and the specific skin concerns targeted.

3) Treatment Areas:

Chemical peels can be used on various parts of the body, but they are most commonly used to address skin concerns on the face and back of the hands. The treatment effectively addresses a range of skin imperfections, including sun-damaged skin, acne breakouts, dull and aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation disorders like melasma, sun or age spots, freckles, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone.

4) More Information:

At Zennara, we offer the best chemical peel treatments in Hyderabad. Our skilled skin experts analyze each individual’s skin concerns and tailor the treatment accordingly. There are different types of chemical peels available:

  • Superficial or Light Peel: This peel exfoliates the outer layer of skin using mild acids, such as glycolic acid, to improve sebum production, unclog pores, remove blackheads, and revitalize dull skin.
  • Medium Peel: Using medium-strength acids, this peel penetrates the outer and middle layers of the skin, effectively treating blemishes, discoloration, acne scars, age spots, and fine lines. Multiple sessions may be required for optimal results.
  • Deep Peel: This peel involves the use of strong acids like trichloroacetic acid or phenol, penetrating deeply into the lower skin layers. It is suitable for treating intense skin imperfections, such as deep acne scars, deep open pores, and moderate lines and wrinkles. Recovery time is longer for deep peels.

Post-treatment care involves gentle skincare, avoiding picking at the treated skin, and following dermatologists’ instructions for washing, moisturizing, and sun protection. Hydration and avoiding excessive sweating are also recommended.

To achieve flawless skin through chemical peel treatment, schedule an appointment with our experienced skin doctors at Zennara.



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